Long-Term Care

Our facility is staffed by experienced and compassionate healthcare professionals dedicated to providing personalized long term care that enhances the quality of life of our residents. At Northern Dauphin, our caring staff works closely with residents and their families to create individualized care plans that address their specific needs and preferences.

With our professional staff available on-site 24 hours daily, residents that can no longer live independently receive the personal assistance needed in a safe, homelike environment. Our caregivers are available to help with acute and chronic care, including medication management and personal hygiene.

Our dedicated staff promotes the quality of life and ensures the dignity of your loved one, helping them retain their independence for as long as possible and live their life to the fullest. And with our security wristband system, our Alzheimers and dementia residents are safe and secure.

The long-term personal care at Northern Dauphin provides nurturing assistance for our residents in a comfortable home away from home.

Short-Term Rehabilitation

We provide short-term rehabilitation services to individuals who have been discharged from the hospital but require continued care before returning home. Our skilled staff is dedicated to helping our short-term residents rebuild strength, regain functionality, and improve mobility during their recovery.

Our post-acute rehabilitation program is designed to facilitate a speedy and successful recovery process. Our outcome-oriented therapy programs are customized to assist your loved one in returning home.

Our stroke recovery, cardiac treatment, and cardiopulmonary care will make it easier for those in short-term care to return to the daily activities that they enjoy. Northern Dauphin’s expert staff helps our residents recover to their everyday routine.

Northern Dauphin offers personalized care plans and comprehensive rehabilitation to assist you in recovering as quickly as possible.

Physical & Occupational Therapy To Help You Heal

Restorative therapy provided by Northern Dauphin helps increase the chances of full recovery after an accident or surgery. Your loved one can regain the highest levels of functioning and mobility to return to independent living with our uniquely tailored physical therapy. Our expert occupational therapists can help you improve your fine motor skills

At Northern Dauphin, our therapy program is designed to focus on increasing mobility and motor skills. Skilled professionals will customize and develop individualized treatment and therapy programs through evaluation to successfully assist in recovery.

The skilled staff at Northern Dauphin provides therapy programs to meet your personal needs.

Orthopedic Post-op Management To Help You Recover

Devoted to treating disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles, our specialists help you heal from orthopedic injuries. Whether you have a sports injury, an infection, or a degenerative disease, the staff at Northern Dauphin personalizes therapy to help you gain as much mobility as possible so you can return to day-to-day activities.

With postoperative rehabilitation from the professional staff at Northern Dauphin, regain strength to speedily go back to regular life.

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